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Estate planning is arguably one of the most crucial things in order to prepare for how you would like things handled after you have passed on. If you are a high net worth individual who has run business and accumulated assets over the course of your life, being clear on your testamentary intentions and ensuring these are reflected in your will is extremely important.

The Germela Law team is highly experienced in inheritance and estate administration matters and equipped to support you draft a will which can be easily executed by your trusted and appointed executors. Our team provides efficient and timely estate planning solutions and wills in Dubai that aim to prepare our clients well in advance regarding their assets. We are quite aware that corporate entities and those running them have specific requirements regarding wealth preservation, especially on matters of inheritance, succession and asset transfer and are able to advice on any concerns related to these.

Comprehensive estate and DIFC wills services

Prior to 2017, the expat community in the UAE had no recourse other than the Shariah laws to deal with their assets and guardians.  With the regulation changes in 2017 however, non-Muslims have been able to register and execute wills drafted according to their testamentary wishes and or line with their home country laws.

The introduction of the DIFC Courts Will Registry has incredibly eased the process of will drafting and execution and dissipated any concerns expats may have and even extends to assets situated not only within Dubai but also the emirate of Ras-Al-Khaimah. We are able to assist with all five types of DIFC wills:

  • Guardianship Will
  • Property Will
  • Business Owners Will
  • Financial Assets Will
  • Full Will
Expert drafting of Dubai wills for expats

Our lawyers are able to draft wills for non-Muslim clients in order to safeguard their assets within the country in the event of their deaths. They are also able to recommend trust structures or corporate structures for asset distribution in order to preserve succession and are able to advise on trust instruments and family agreements upon request. Our team of lawyers are proficient in estate planning and are available at hand for advice regarding drafting Dubai wills for expats, wealth management and succession to ensure that in the case of demise of loved one, their assets have been properly accounted for and distributed or transferred per their wishes.

Our full range of services include

  • Review of personal assets
  • Assistance with will drafting
  • Registering wills at DIFC Registry
  • Assistance with trusts
  • Estate planning
  • Estate administration
  • Enforcement of wills at DIFC Courts
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