United Arab Emirates

As a country known to actively promote commerce and trade, especially with the advent of EXPO2020, there is widespread interest in the commercial landscape of UAE, as well as the wider MENA region. Renowned as an international market place for high quality goods, with easy accessibility from all corners of the globe, the UAE has become a hub for trading and business activities.

In order to support the growth of business and commerce, increase confidence in the market and protect the interest of those doing business in the UAE, the legal landscape has had to develop rapidly. The constant and rapid changes in the legal system has created certain complexities and nuances in the legal environment which undoubtedly can be overwhelming for start-ups, SME’s and MNC’s alike.

Whether you are a start- up navigating the legal terrain for the first time, a locally established SME with plans for expansion or an international MNC with presence in the UAE, our experienced commercial lawyers are well experienced and equipped to help you navigate the complex legal terrain. Our primary aim is to understand your business needs first and then find practical legal solutions ensuring maximum business outcomes with minimum risk.

Our Offices in UAE

Dubai Office

Suite 2002, 20th Floor Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1, Downtown Dubai, U.A.E

Abu Dhabi Office

Al Sila Tower, 24th Floor, Abu Dhabi Global Market Square, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Key Contacts

Marcel Trost

Group CEO and Founding Partner
Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Suraya Turk

Managing Director
Dubai and Abu Dhabi



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