Dr. Thomas Wülfing

Dr. Thomas Wülfing

President and Founding Partner

    Dr. Thomas Wülfing is founding partner of GERMELA Wülfing LLP.

    He advises the managing directors, board members and shareholders of well-known companies on all issues of national and international commercial law. He is a valued consultant in resolving corporate conflicts, conducting complex corporate transactions, and developing tax-optimized design strategies.

    As a corporate and tax lawyer, expert on foreign trade compliance and foreign trade law and, above all, as the initiator of the international lawyer network GERMELA, he is thoroughly familiar with legal and non-legal issues that arise when a German company travels abroad, especially when entering the market Near and Middle East and North African states.

    Dr. Wülfing also contributes his entrepreneurial experience to supervisory boards, advisory councils or foundation boards. The realization of many charitable projects is a matter of the heart.

    He is the author of numerous articles on corporate, commercial and tax law. As a speaker, he contributes in particular to questions of international tax law. He is often a discussion partner for leading German business magazines on current legal developments.

    Dr. Wülfing speaks German and English.