Suraya Turk

Managing Director UAE

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+971 2 694 8562

Location: Abu Dhabi
Languages: English and Arabic

Suraya is the Managing Director at GERMELA LAW LLP. Suraya began her legal career more than a decade ago in Australia and worked various levels of the government including the Local, State and Federal government in both litigious and non-non litigious matters. After gaining extensive and solid experience in the public sector, she worked in private practice and worked alongside and was mentored by QC’s in their relevant expertise including corporate and commercial law and taxation matters.

Suraya moved to the UAE 7+ years ago where she gained experience in a variety of practice areas including, corporate and commercial laws, corporate formation and restructuring, employment law and real estate and has now developed a keen interest and developing her knowledge rapidly in the IP, Data Privacy, cyber security related practice areas which is becoming pertinent and very topical in the UAE with the advent of the technology, innovation and the smart city boom. Suraya currently manages the law firm and sets the strategic vision and direction of the firm with a focus on its clientele and ensuring quality service is delivered by everyone in the team.