Summary Cases Court launched in Abu Dhabi

05 February 2019

By: Salma Abdussalam


Abu Dhabi has launched a new dispute resolution court, the Summary Cases Court, with a particular focus on breaches of employment law. The Summary Cases Court aims to shorten the process and enforce the law on defaulting employers in labour disputes. Officials presume that a majority of the cases will deal with delay in wage payment, passport withholding, employee health insurance card concerns, employee accommodation disputes and working conditions as they attempt to strengthen employee rights in the nation.

The new court is meant to complement the One Day Labour Court, established previously in October 2017. Employees are encouraged to go the Twa-Fouq Centre, managed by the MoHRE and MoL to register their complaints. The centre will then attempt to reach an agreement between the two parties without the need for a court action. If the attempt fails, applicants can then proceed to the Summary Cases Court, wherein they can register their case, which are subsequently heard by a judge, significantly easing the process for employees.