Gulf Legal Advisor – Recruitment Obligations

12 May 2019

By: Suraya Turk – Managing Director

  • Recruitment in the UAE is regulated by Federal Law No. 8/1980 Concerning the Regulation of Labour Relations, which governs the employee-employer relationship in the UAE.
  • Prior to beginning recruitment, there are certain formalities employers need to complete, the principal one being that of obtaining a Labour Establishment Card.
  • There are further legal requirements to be fulfilled by employers when hiring new employees, such as the offer letter and employment contract.
  • A work permit is required in order to bring a foreign employee in and to apply for residency in the country. Recruitment formalities are different for hiring foreign worker compared with hiring national workers, as Emiratisation requirements must be met.
  • While recruitment checks are a standard practice, there are particular concerns to consider when conducting these checks in the UAE, notably regarding the handling of employee information.

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