Germany has a very well-established social economy being the fourth largest globally by nominal gross domestic product. Germany has a proven manufacturing and engineering tradition (particularly in automotive sector) and leads in the automotive industry. Whilst it might have been traditionally known in the automotive sector for BMW and Mercedes, Germany is among the top and leads in sales and exports in the chemical industry, medical and pharmaceutical goods including supplies, machinery and hospital equipment.

Germany also leads in the production of green energy and environmental technologies. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% and increase use of renewable energy by 60%. The country also has investments in offshore wind energy, solar panels, bioenergy, photovoltaics, energy grids, and energy storage projects.

The Germela group having its roots in Germany has positioned itself well, to serve in the various industries, with its legal team, experts and leaders including but not limited to the healthcare and medical, and energy sectors.


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