Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Like any country, it is important to understand the business landscape in the country before doing business. This is particularly so in KSA, the largest GCC country, which has become a very attractive market place for new and large scale operations in the industry of export and manufacturing companies. The infrastructure industry has also seen a big boom with the advent of 2030 vision.

Whether you are doing business in the region for the first time or a seasoned business in KSA, you must always be prepared and understand the legal rights and implications of business in KSA. It’s a fiercely competitive market and whilst there is a lot to gain there can also be a lot to lose. The laws and legislations in particular regarding foreign ownership are very clear and KSA courts have upheld many judgments against foreigners who have not complied with the laws.

At Germela law we have a strong affiliation with the local law firms who have had extensive experience in handling large scale transactions both litigious and non-litigious in nature. At Germela we understand the legal terrain and have experience in providing corporate and commercial advisory with the support of local lawyers who understand the nuances and peculiarities. Our aim is to partner with the best to provide you with the best legal services to maximize your opportunities and minimise your risk.

Key Contacts

Marcel Trost

Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Abu Dhabi