A safe hub for investments in the heart of Europe: Germany

Dr. Thomas Wülfing

President at GERMELA | Managing Partner at Germela Wulfing

“Germany, as the power engine in Europe with its strong economy, high skilled people, inventors of innovative technologies and a political stable and safe environment, should be a hotspot on the map of each foreign investor. Germany offers attractive opportunities for foreign investors who want to start their own business or to expand with their business to Germany.”

Marcel Trost

Group CEO at GERMELA | Managing Partner at Germela Law LLP

“The back-bone of the German economy, the so called “Mittelstand”, is constantly seeking for foreign investors at very attractive conditions of the investment. The Real Estate market has undergone an astonishing development over the past 10 years. The creation of both new office and residential areas all over Germany is highly supported by the government.”

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