Intellectual Property Law

At GERMELA, we understand that in this modern age, ideas, designs and brands are valuable assets that require protection and enforcement against any encroaching infringers. As such, protection of intellectual property in the form of trademarks, copyright, industrial designs and patents is an aspect our lawyers are quite familiar with. We realize the efficiency required when corresponding with an area of law impacted by the rapid technological change and are well equipped to handle this. We ensure ensure protection of your ideas, designs and rights in all aspects of intellectual property law.

Our experienced professionals are on hand to advise you regarding exploitation of your trademarked, patented or copyrighted content be it logos, designs or any other such branded material. Our lawyers are well versed in how to acquire and retain protection for your intellectual property. This protection is guaranteed to strengthen your presence in the nation as well as the region beyond. Our solutions focus on maximizing the potential of your protected content and achieving the best results for your business.

Our team is also experienced in enforcement mechanisms in the event of any issues or disputes arising and will be able to guide you through the different procedures in place regarding infringement and counterfeiting. We are able to advise on protection across all industries, from retail, healthcare, construction, real estate, hospitality to energy. We also advise our clients on usage of intellectual property in franchising agreements, distribution agreements, acquisitions and during asset transfer.

Our services in intellectual property rights include:

  • Pre-registration clearance searches
  • Registration of trademark
  • Registration of patents
  • Registration of copyright
  • Renewal of registrations
  • Data protection solutions
  • Compliance

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Erik Ahrens

Senior Associate and Head of Asian Desk
Hamburg, Vietnam



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