With the insurance regulations undergoing significant changes recently, insurance markets in the region have also undergone key renovations that should be kept in mind when undertaking any changes in operations or otherwise.

Our lawyers are quite familiar with insurance laws and regulations and are well adept at handling concerns arising out of issues in the sale, use and payment of insurance policies. With their years of experience, they are able to review and understand insurance coverages under specific policies and the allowance amounts and are also able to assist insurance companies regarding insurance payouts in specific claims.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable in all kinds of insurances:

  • Life insurance
  • Corporate insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • General insurance
  • Employers liability
  • Real Estate Insurance
  • PI (Personal Injury)
  • Workers compensation

Having gained considerable experience working in the region, our team is also quite comfortable with agreements relating to mortgages, securities and loans and are able to advise on any risk management strategies they may need to undertake. We also provide representation in litigation related to insurance claims and also in negotiation settlements.