Expat Consulting

As an expat abroad, be it in the context of a posting by the employer or as a self-employed person or entrepreneur, one should seek expert advice before the move with regard to the special regulations, laws and customs that apply in the respective country. This is even more true for countries such as the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia.

We offer you a Starter Package, which allows you to prepare in peace and with a certain security for your assignment abroad and to start your new business in a foreign country smoothly. In doing so, we are not only available to answer legal questions, but also help you to integrate yourself into everyday life by bringing you closer to local customs and customs. In addition, we accompany you in dealing with authorities and assist you in renting or buying an apartment or a property.

Our Services:
  • Advice on tax issues when hiring a worker / starting a job with a local employer or starting a business.
  • Advice on common procedures and regulations, e.g. when renting or buying an apartment / property, incl.
  • examination of the rental and purchase contract.
  • Examination of the (local) employment contract.
  • Advice on visa matters / residence permits.
  • Tax advice.
  • Assistance in applying for licenses for the specific activity as well as starting your own business.
  • Accompaniment at authorities.

Our Expert

Marcel Trost

Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Abu Dhabi