Employment Law

Managing your people and managing your workforce go hand in hand. It is crucial to have a legal team who understand the employment laws and are abreast of the changes in the laws which can adversely impact your organization and employees. At GERMELA, we stay in close contact with you to inform your business about new legislation affecting your employment policies. We ensure that that you comply with the local employment laws when it comes to reporting obligations, working conditions and dismissal protection.

Our team of lawyers experienced in the labour law aim to provide advice that is timely and efficient in all areas such as:

  • Drafting and Reviewing Employment Contracts
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) and Restrictive Covenants
  • Assistance with HR Compliance Policy
  • Employee Immigration and Residency Checks
  • Compliance with Employment authorities in the relevant jurisdictions
  • Wage and Overtime Issues
  • Employee Compensation Claims
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Dismissals and Suspensions of Employees
  • Non-Competition Agreements
  • Assistance in Event of Disputes through Arbitration, Litigation or Settlement Negotiations
  • Corporate Restructuring
Examples of our work
  • Advising one of the largest real estate broker firms in the UAE in relation to their employee agreements governing the commissions structures and employee entitlements.
  • Advising a petrochemical, oil and gas trading company on restructuring its workforce and looking at the implications of this on the employee’s rights.
  • Extensively advised on and drafted non-competition clauses in employment contracts and represented employers in disputes with employees.
  • Advised and represented clients in the small claim tribunal in the DIFC for employment disputes relating to employee entitlements upon termination.
  • Our Expert

    Suraya Turk

    Managing Director
    Dubai and Abu Dhabi



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