Corporate Law

At GERMELA, we believe in assisting our clientele with the best possible advice that can help them conduct business strategically with minimal risk and more efficiently. As a law firm, we are aware of the obligations placed on all the stakeholders in a company. Bearing in mind the responsibilities of the various stakeholders, we aim assist our clients through advising and educating them to make informed legal decisions on behalf of and for the companies they represent. We support our clients with due diligence that focuses on every aspect of a company from the formation, ownership, management and commercial operations and corporate transactions.

Our legal consultants have extensive international advisory experience and are focused on providing companies with the legal know how and strategy. Having assisted corporate clients from a wide range of industries, from healthcare, construction, real estate, trade, energy, cryptocurrency, media, our corporate experts our lawyers have an expanse of knowledge fully adept in the legalities involved in the conducting of business. This enable us to provide bespoke solutions to each client.

We offer a full range of services on a variety of aspects of corporate law, some of which include advising on:

Corporate Restructuring

Many of our clients have several companies, subsidiaries and branches across the region and require optimization dependent on the legal developments of the moment. We aim to provide timely advice that will help achieve the best possible outcome they desire in order to maximize potential in their respective industry.

Corporate Governance

We understand the importance of effective communication and control mechanisms in governance policies and aim to ensure that all our clients are informed of the best possible approaches to corporate governance.


As lawyers with local experience, we ensure that our clients conform to and are compliant of all local laws, regulations, resolutions and official authority requirements that relate to them.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As businesses locally an internationally strategically expand and grow through acquisitions and mergers to consolidate their positions in the markets. Germela has equipped itself with a solid, experienced and diverse team of lawyers who can handle all aspects of the merger and acquisition. Our M&A lawyers have extensive experience in M&A in the Middle East and Europe and work collaboratively with compliance, Tax, IP commercial and employment departments to find an integrated approach for clients.

Our Expert

Marcel Trost

Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Abu Dhabi



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Managing the Corona Crisis – Contract Management in the United Arab Emirates

Examples of our work
  • Advised in an M&A deal involving the acquisition of a German hospital by a Canadian hospital in Germany.
  • Advised one of the world’s leading recycling companies on establishing and implementing a compliance system in the Middle East.
  • Advised and provided training on compliance for one of the leading global energy service providers for the real estate sector and private homeowners.
  • Advised on corporate restructuring for one of the leading hospital groups in KSA and UAE.
  • Advised on the acquisitions of vessels and barges by a Middle East company.