Master the Challenges of COVID-19

The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a massive impact on global supply chains, manufacturing and cross-border trade. Employers, suppliers and investors are facing numerous legal issues and need to prepare themselves for potential disputes due to the effects of COVID-19. Companies should consider implementing appropriate measures in order to continue their business operations and to mitigate the negative impacts due to disruptions caused by pandemics, political crisis or climate change. Our lawyers are specialized in crisis management and restructuring. They will advise you on taking the right decisions and measures to get through the crisis and to prepare your company to tackle challenges posed by COVID-19 and devise a post COVID-19 strategy.


Our lawyers are specialized in crisis management and restructuring. Tey will advise you on taking the right decisions and measures to get through the crisis and to prepare your company to tackle challenges pID-19 avise a pst C-19 stra


Supply and Purchase Agreements

COVID-19 has caused massive impacts on global supply chains, manufacturing and cross-border trade, with plenty of legal issues arising out of the disruptions, such as hindrance of performance, “Force Majeure”, termination, default etc. Our lawyers will:

  • Review agreements with existing suppliers, customers and other business partners;
  • Advise you on necessary legal actions (worldwide);
  • (Re-)Negotiate agreements; and
  • Redraft/amend agreements.

Corporate & Business Restructuring

By implementing appropriate restructuring measures, you will be able reduce business costs to ensure the necessary cash-flow is preserved. We will assist you to identify and implement potential measures in terms of corporate and business restructuring, which should be considered, such as:

  • Merging multiple operations in the UAE – reduction of number of licenses by making use of restructuring measures, such as Dual License Initiatives and the Foreign Direct Investment Law, etc.;
  • Exiting existing JV’s and other partnerships.

Stimulus Packages

The Federal and Emirate Governments, authorities (e.g. Departments of Economic Developments and Free Zone Authorities, etc.) and banks have introduced various stimulus packages. We can:

  • Advise you on the respective options and requirements for your company;
  • Liaise with the competent stakeholders; and
  • Support you with the applications and formal procedures.

Employments / Downsizing Workforce

Businesses may take the decision to minimize workforce related costs. We can assist you with:

  • Advising on the legal options and instruments;
  • Preparing and registering the necessary amendments to employment agreements or termination letters; and
  • Execution of downsizing measures.

Negotiations with Business Partners

It is crucial to maintain a good relationship with your customers, suppliers and other business partners. Therefore, you should find pragmatic solutions with your business partners. We:

  • Advise on your legal positions and potential risks;
  • Help you to develop a negotiation strategy; and
  • Support you with the negotiations and/ or negotiate with your business partners.

Post-COVID-19 Strategy

Looking ahead, businesses need to define a post-Covid-19 strategy. We offer you to:

  • Support you with the development of a strategy and an action plan;
  • Build an efficient contract management, e.g. by using state-of-the-art legal tech applications; and
  • Optimize the legal support for your operations (cost efficiency).

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Legal Updates and Recommendations

With the constant evolving situation, we keep you up to date with all the important regulations, updates, and information regarding the impact of COVID-19 in the region.


Business Reopening in Abu Dhabi and Dubai – Complying with Federal, Emirate & Free Zone Rules

On 22 April 2020, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) and the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DDED) issued guidelines for business reopening. While the guidelines do not contain a date for the business reopening, they contain additional measures for business owners to implement to stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading. This article provides an overview of the guidelines and key considerations for ramping up business in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Live Webinars

Our weekly series on Managing the Coronavirus-Crisis aims to assist in providing valuable information in various industries in relation to the outbreak.