Compliance and Crisis Management

Especially with foreign activities, the danger of violations of law increases due to insufficient knowledge of the respective applicable laws many times over. A good and well-functioning compliance structure that helps to significantly reduce the risk of infringements is therefore essential to minimize the liability risk associated with overseas transactions or cross-border transactions.

The implementation of a compliance system begins by educating employees in responsible positions about the relevant applicable laws. Our experienced consultants train your employees in the respective countries to sensitize them to the most important regulations and regulations. In addition, we advise you on the development, implementation and optimization of a group wide compliance system and support you in drawing up compliance guidelines for all of your companies and units.

In the event that a crisis has occurred, we also support you in local crisis management.

Our Services:
  • Development, implementation and optimization of Group-wide / local compliance systems, including development of compliance guidelines.
  • Training local staff and managers on locally applicable legal obligations, e.g. on anti-corruption, money laundering, data protection and export control.
  • Advice on the prevention and minimization of risks in business dealings (including Business Partner Screenings, contractual compliance clauses).
  • Providing permanent updates and information on current legislative changes affecting the responsibilities of managers in the country of operation.

Our Experts

Dr. Thomas Wülfing

President and Founding Partner
Hamburg, Berlin, Munich

Gerhard Horstmann-Wilke

Of Counsel