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When deciding upon a legal structure for your company, there a host of options to choose from and a number of considerations to take into account prior to incorporation. At GERMELA, we are aware of the considerations and use our expertise to provide bespoke solutions that cater to the specific needs of investors wishing to set-up an entity. We provide strategic advice to you on all matters regarding the formation of companies and implementation of subsidiaries and ensure that our advice encompasses regulatory compliance, corporate structuring knowledge, right legal entity selection and defining of shareholder rights and obligations.

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Drawing on our years of experience and the extensive knowledge of our highly trained lawyers, we represent you in all proceedings and interactions with local authorities and are also at your service in all matters concerning corporate law, as required. As such, we also provide advice on onshore and off-shore foundations and with regards to your search for the most suitable legal form, we identify the ideal location (Onshore/Special Economic Zone (Free Zone)/Offshore), and we take care of any subsequent matters, affording you trouble-free, efficient and swift formation of your company.

Our experienced team of lawyers and consultants can assist on a number of matters including:

  • Setting up in the desired legal structure (Limited Liability Companies or LLC’s, Joint Ventures or JV’s, Public Joint Stock Company or PJSC’s and more)
  • Setting up as branches/representative offices of international companies
  • Setting up in desired locations (Special Economic Zones/Free-zones, Onshore/Mainland, Offshore)
  • Assisting with the new entities Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Assisting with the new entities Shareholder Agreements
  • Assisting with the new entities Board and Shareholders Resolutions
  • Assisting with the new entities Licenses (commercial, consultancy, representative, manufacturing)

Our team, with its extensive experience is able to assist in the formation of any entity across a number of fields such as retail, healthcare, construction, real estate, financial institutions, hospitality to energy.

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If you are looking for strategic advice on the different aspects of a business set up in UAE, or seeking advice on subjects like regulatory compliance, selection of the right legal entity, corporate structuring and more, then make sure that you draw on the knowledge and expertise of our team of consultants and lawyers. 

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