Banking & Finance Law

With increased developments in terms of financial tools available to clients in banking and the intricate regulations surrounding them, banking law is an important aspect in a country with a flourishing trade economy in order to account for the credit due in each transaction. Our lawyers are well versed in the financial structures and products available specific to our clients in the capital and banking markets. In conjunction with the Corporate and Commercial aspect, our lawyers are able to provide a well-rounded analysis to our clients regarding corporate structuring and financing requirements.

Our wide ranges of services cover:

  • Preparation and Review of Loan Arrangements
  • Venture-Financing
  • Acquisition Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Insolvency Proceedings
  • Fraud Regulations
  • Project Finance
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Corporate Debt Restructuring
  • Banking and Financial Regulation Compliance
  • Private Equity Financing

Having curated extensive experience negotiating loan agreements in multiple jurisdictions, they are also quite accustomed to matters pertaining to trust accounts, credit agreements, structuring and financing on investment funds, security agreements and indemnity documents.

Our lawyers are also able to collect debts of our clients in the UAE and along with the support of our GERMELA partners in the rest of the MENA region. The collection activities in all countries, both pre-litigation and litigation activities, are coordinated by GERMELA in Abu Dhabi, for the utmost convenience for our clients.

Our Experts

Marcel Trost

Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Abu Dhabi

Olav Schriever

Senior Associate
Hamburg, Berlin, Munich



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