About Us

We are an international law firm with offices in the UAE set to make its mark in the UAE, Middle East, and emerging markets across the world. It is part of a group of companies which provides legal, tax, and consulting services combining world-class German and International standards with regional local experience so our clients can be certain they are receiving the most up-to-date information from a firm that understands the aims of their business and the different contexts they are operating in. We always prioritise clear communication, to help build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships. At GERMELA Law LLP, we put the needs of our clients at the centre of everything we do. Our culture of empowerment is driven by education, knowledge transfer and an understanding of our clients’ businesses and their priorities, so they can make informed decisions, maximise their opportunities and mitigate their risks.

With the heart of our operations in Abu Dhabi, we are fresh, dynamic, flexible and modern. We are also affiliated with the strongest and oldest law firms in the region. Recognising that the legal landscape is constantly changing, we understand that being innovative and finding new solutions to operational challenges is one of the best ways we can provide sound legal advice. Our goal is to make an often overwhelming process as straightforward and easy as possible.


To become and remain the most trusted legal advisors throughout the MENA region and in emerging markets. We seek to grow and consolidate our position as a top law firm in the UAE, as well as ensuring that our offices throughout the world all deliver our core service: providing what customers truly need.

We will remain innovative, flexible and forward-thinking as we continue to grow our existing operations and client base in Europe and the MENA region, while expanding into other emerging markets. Our approach will always be driven by our commitment to be client-centred: clear in our communication, willing to challenge the status quo, able to offer solutions that meet our customers’ business needs, reliable and adaptable.


We leverage our local and international expertise to support all our clients to make informed decisions about their businesses. Working in often complex and underdeveloped markets, we assist with every aspect of a company’s operations – from business set-up, to growth and expansion, to dispute resolution. Our clients are provided with information and guidance as they navigate the legal terrain, to reach timely and practical solutions to any challenge they may face.

Our Values


Every aspect of our approach has the client in mind. There is nothing more important to us than using our knowledge, dynamism and entrepreneurial skills to provide the most effective solutions to your legal and business needs.

Dynamic and flexible

Wherever we may operate – whether in established jurisdictions or those developing quickly – we know how important it is to respond to the challenges of today, rather than adhering to systems or values that may be outdated.


Our values are infused into everything we do and we are committed to upholding those values in every country context and every professional situation.

Committed to clear communication

We will not obfuscate the meaning of the information we share by using complicated jargon. We know that clear and contextualised communication is the key to our clients understanding their rights and options, so this is what you will always get from us.

Focused on education

Our growth as an organisation is closely linked to our own continued learning, and our ability to provide a full-range service that is grounded in both international expertise and local knowledge.

Innovative and solution-focused

We know that the most important thing for any client is to have a clear solution to any legal or business issue. Our approach will always be driven by our commitment to find the best possible solution for our clients.